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Complete set of Weights and Measures, c. 1755



Digital Exhibits


Welcome to the Orange County Historical Museum's page for digital exhibits!

Black History Month Digital Exhibits

The mini-biographies of influential African-Americans with connections to Orange County can be found at the Museum's blog: OrangeNChistory.

1891 Tate Map of Orange County

This map of Orange County was produced in 1891 by George Tate. It shows churches, schools, important businesses, industrial sites, and some residences, along with notable geographic features and roads.

Below, you can see a digital copy of the map compared to current satellite imagery from Google Maps. Points of interest have been marked and described in the key below the maps. Click on the map to see a larger image of it!

View Orange County - 1891 Tate Map in a larger map


Points of Interest

  • Governer Burke's Grave
  • Hillsborough Depot
  • Cemetery on Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill
  • Chestnut Ridge Methodist Church
  • Junction of Chapel Hill Railroad and North Carolina Railroad lines
  • Chapel Hill Depot
  • Dodson Crossroads

Due to the dangers of weathering and deterioration, the Museum can no longer display the original canvas map. However, we have a full-scale facsimile available for visitors to examine to see more detail.

The image of the map above was geo-referenced in ArcGIS and edited with GIMP. This section was designed and implemented by Peter Zasowski in fulfillment of the degree requirements for the MS in Information Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Featured Exhibit: Churches in Hillsborough

From August 31, 2014 until December 20, 2012 the Orange County Historical Museum displayed an exhibit featuring churches that were organized in Hillsborough and West Hillsborough between the Revolutionary War and the early 20th century.

The map below shows the locations of the churches featured in the exhibit. Click on the information bubbles to see an image and more information about each church.


View Churches in Hillsborough in a larger map

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