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Recognizing Service-The Engstrom Award

The Engstrom Award
From its inception in 1962, the Hillsborough Historical Society sought to recognize those who served the Society and the community, particularly in regards to the preservation of history. To this end, they created the Engstrom Award, first given in 1966. The award is named for Dr. Mary Claire Engstrom, a Hillsborough residen, historian, and English literature scholar. Dr. Engstrom was instrumental in the founding of the Society and the Historic Hillsborough Commission.

The award was presented annually to people and orgazniations that rendered meritorius service to history. The first year, the Society honored its Charter Members. Since 1966, more than 30 individuals and seven organizations have recieved the award.

The Historical Foundation of Hillsborough and Orange County continues the tradition of recognizing service to the preservation of history in Hillsborough through the Engstrom Award. The foundation presented the award at ist first annual dinner at Ayr Mount historic home on May 18, 2008.

Plaques listing the names of previous Engstrom Award recipient are on display in the Orange County Historical Museum.

2008 Engstrom Award Recipient:

Congratulations to Bill Crowther, 2008 recipient of the Engstrom Award.

Past Engstrom Award Winners

2006 Sally Boericke
2005 Lee Rogers
2004 Elizabeth Matheson and Rev. N. Brooks Graebner
2002 Craufurd D. Goodwin
2001 John & Lynette Jeffries
2000 Lucile Noell Dula
1999 Allen Lloyd
1998 Quentin Patterson
1997 Dr. Robert Ireland
1996 Rebecca F. Ringer and Lee Gordon
1995 Virginia Forrest and Betty June Hayes
1992 John Kennedy
1988 Betty Eidenier
1987 Richard H. Jenrette
1986 Mrs. Jean Anderson
1985 Mrs. Susan Frankenberg
1984 Dr. Roscoe L. Strickland Jr.
1983 The Preservation Fund of Hillsborough, Inc.
1982 Mr. Clarence D. Jones
1981 Historic Hillsborough Commission 1963
1981 Orange County Historical Museum 1957
1981 Hillsborough Garden Club Past and Present Members 1925
1978 Mrs. Hilda J. Winecoff
1977 St. Mary's Chapel Restoration Committee
1976 Mr. James J. Freeland
1975 Mr. Alexander R. Shepherd
1974 The Mayor of Hillsborough and Town Board of Commissioners
1973 Mr. Don S. Matheson
1972 Mrs. R. W. Isley
1971 Elizabeth Hyman Collins
1970 Mrs. William Hopewell
1969 Mrs. H. W. Moore and Mrs. Erle G. Hill
1968 Dr. Charles and Mrs. Helen Blake
1967 Mrs. E. M. Lockhart
1966 The Charter Members


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